Up coming Project; Proof Of Concept

Recently, I completed audio work that included Sound Design, music editing and Foley for this super project ‘Run Bobby Run’ from Frankie Films. Amazing shots and acting, the production is top notch and I got to re-edit on of my favourite tracks too.

Check it out.


Run Bobby Run (credits) from Franky Films on Vimeo.


Tazz – Underground – Record Of The Day | EQTV.DJ

Tazz – Underground – Record Of The Day | EQTV.DJ.

Mixed at ROOM/005 by : Anton Makdah

Tazz-Underground 7.jpg
DJ reactions
Ripperton: “I really love this release! Massive!”
The Revenge: “Fierce – will test drive them this weekend.”
Agoria: “Huge fan of Tazz – included one track of him in my Fabric mix.”
Paul Woolford: “Underground 12 is a great morning track.”
Danny Howells: “Sounds superb.”
Charles Webster: “Yip, quality underground house. Will play both tracks for sure.:
Rob Mello: “Really like what Tazz does. These tracks are great.”
Jimpster: “Underground 07 is banging! Great groove. Yeah, me likey.”

Marjorie – Official Trailer



Marjorie – Official Trailer



PRODUCERS: Francesco Giannini, Alex Bains, Nicole Segal

DIRECTOR: Ryan Sheridan

WRITERS: Ryan Sheridan & Alex Bains


As a kind-hearted college graduate struggling with mental illness, it’s easy for Heather to turn a blind eye to the unsettling behavior of a family member. After all, what could her frail, elderly grandmother be capable of?


After an accident leaves her mother in critical condition, Heather clings to what family she has left by taking care of her mentally unwell grandmother, Rose. Heather wants to enjoy the summer with her friends but is forced to juggle managing her grandmother’s unsettling, and at times violent, behaviour with keeping her own psychological health in check. Soon Heather realizes she cannot care for her grandmother alone and hires Nick, a charming and patient caregiver who comes to take care of Rose.

The day comes for a long anticipated party. A multitude of friends and acquaintances have shown up for what will no doubt be a wild night. Accompanied by Sam, Heather for once seems to be enjoying her time in the house. Her enjoyment is quickly halted when confronted by her aggressive ex- boyfriend in a secluded bathroom. Things are made hauntingly worse when Rose appears.

Mike Huckaby Shall Teach You How To Use A Maschine, Properly. | The Ransom Note



Detroit legend, Tresor resident and Youthville genius Mike Huckaby shall be making a one off appearance in the big smoke this evening for a one off masterclass of how to use your Maschine equipment to maximum effect and make your tunes contain that all important sheen in production.

Huckaby loves to share his knowledge and fierce dedication to the art of making music, and he’s known for his Youthville programme in Detroit, which helps disadvantaged youth from the Michigan Detroit to focus their energies and vigour into music, taught by a master of the art and a local scene-hero. 

Mike Huckaby Shall Teach You How To Use A Maschine, Properly. | The Ransom Note.