Mike Huckaby Shall Teach You How To Use A Maschine, Properly. | The Ransom Note



Detroit legend, Tresor resident and Youthville genius Mike Huckaby shall be making a one off appearance in the big smoke this evening for a one off masterclass of how to use your Maschine equipment to maximum effect and make your tunes contain that all important sheen in production.

Huckaby loves to share his knowledge and fierce dedication to the art of making music, and he’s known for his Youthville programme in Detroit, which helps disadvantaged youth from the Michigan Detroit to focus their energies and vigour into music, taught by a master of the art and a local scene-hero. 

Mike Huckaby Shall Teach You How To Use A Maschine, Properly. | The Ransom Note.

Mixing Projects: Tazz – “Cosmic Sex” on New Kanada (NK32)

wordandsound > article > Tazz – “Cosmic Sex” on New Kanada (NK32).

Montreal-native Tazz delivers New Kanada three jacking and psychotic beat trax for an aggressive entry into 2012.Tazz and Bacanito unravel the threads of aggression in the lead cut “Cosmic Sex”. Metallic heavy machine funk for those winter nights. “Wanderer” is a late night ode to Model 500, with waves of synths burrowing into the ground to produce a dark wave classic. Cold, pure and supple.”Mermaids and Mermen” is is the tough club killer in the package. A deep tricky dub transforms into an underwater symphony of rusted hooks and FM pads… A serious “lights out, head down” burner.+ all tracks mixed and spiced by Anton Makdah