Mixing/ Audio Work

Audio Lab ( Room/ 005):

Audio Mixing, mastering, production, remixing for multi media, post and music. I also act as an audio consultant for artists and clients.

My specialty is mixing, audio production and sound design. Knowledgeable of recording and microphone techniques, operating analog (Solid State Logic + Neve) and digital consoles for studio or FOH. Proficient in all mixing and recording software, audio tools and platforms (Avid Pro-tools HD, Abelton Live, Waves Plug-ins, McDSP, iZotope etc.).

Major labels: SONY ( Colombia, Latin America)

Indie labels: Tsuba (UK ), New Kanada (Germany), Eintakt Records (Germany), Mile End (Canada), Tulipa Recordings ( USA)

Current Location: Montreal, Qc.

CONTACT: thacellar@gmail.com


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